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Writing books that inspire and entertain, make you laugh and cry, and keep you on the edge of your seat

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(Misunderstood) Free when you subscribe to my newsletter On the surface, Kendra is seen as the apartment’s gossip, but underneath she’s a woman who has felt pain in a way that most haven’t.

(Decisions) Cassandra has never known romantic love. Her son, her parents, and her friends love her…but no man ever has. Until she’s torn between two.  A gripping sequel you don’t want to miss!  

Sherry’s daughter Denise doesn’t speak. Their town is ravaged by fire.  When a new face arrives, residents wonder if he will help or hinder; but only Denise knows. And she can’t tell anyone.


What readers are saying

  • Betrayal Only Comes in Green

    A sharp thriller!

    -Five Star review for ‘Betrayal Only Comes in Green

    - From ‘Readers’ Favorite’
  • Misunderstood

    I couldn’t put the book down!

    - Five Star Review for ‘Misunderstood’
  • She Only Speaks to Butterflies

    It’s been so long since I have read such a beautiful, passionate story.

    - Five Star Review for ‘She Only Speaks to Butterflies’


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However, if you like just about everything, you’re in for a treat; my books have a little bit of everything in them.  Most can be read in any order with the exception of the ‘To Hide in Holly Springs‘ and ‘A Calamity Place Romance‘ series.

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In 2010 I self-published my first book and I’ve been hooked ever since.

It’s difficult to choose a favourite genre, so I write just about all of them, from romance, YA, suspense, erotica, drama, memoir, even self-help.

Book ideas come to me all the time, so don’t ever ask me how I get past writer’s block….

The most frequent question I’ve been asked: which of my books was my favourite to write.  Impossible to answer, but if a gun was pointed at my head I would have to say ‘She Only Speaks to Butterflies‘.


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