Writing ‘The End’

The EndIt was December 22nd, and I’d been delaying and delaying writing the last chapter of my latest book.  Difficult, it is, finishing a novel that you’ve been working on for months.  Typing ‘The End’ is akin to reading the last page of the best story you’ve ever read.

Writing has been a lot different in the last two years for me.  It used to be a full-time thing, but now I’ve had to come up with inventive ways to find time to write.  Funnily enough, it isn’t difficult.  Once I get to write, even ten minutes worth of stuff, I find it so rewarding that I can still do it, and I can do it just as well.

Every book still feels like a huge accomplishment.  Every moment spent creating is still like a moment of blessing; a moment to myself, just for me.  Especially with this book; the longest, deepest, most dramatic prose I’ve ever written.

After twenty two books, one might think that I’ve written everything I can think of.  Not so.  However, I will take a break from writing fiction with my next book.  The next one will be of the self-help genre.  So stay tuned.


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