Betrayal Only Comes in Green

Betrayal Only Comes in Green*****5 Stars from Readers Favorite*****

His wife is dead. His only son is a drifter. He lives alone in his quaint San Bernardino town and likes it that way, until well-known Nevada criminals discover something about Saul Jessup that makes him rather interesting.

New neighbors move into town, raising eyebrows in their wake. A young mother and her small daughter seem to find Saul’s quiet street very fitting, and bring only a pick-up truck of things. They don’t bother unpacking; instead they close the doors and window coverings, and remain for days.

Saul is the one to catch little Suzie when a car speeds through the boulevard…but the driver isn’t finished…yet. As eyes watch through the rearview mirror, a master plan is being made, and Saul Jessup’s name is first on the hit list.

A story of heartbreak and triumph, Betrayal Only Comes in Green shows us that money truly is the route of all evil, but it can also bring people together in ways we never thought possible.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter 1


Saul arrived at the bank when the closed sign was still in the window.  There was one other gentleman waiting in a makeshift line.  The man nodded hello when Saul walked up next to him.  “Beautiful day today.” The man said pleasantly.

“That it is.” Saul returned.

“Supposed to get hot today.  I heard on the news.”

“That’s what I heard too.” Saul answered just as the brown-haired woman opened the glass entrance doors.  Her nametag read ‘Dorothy’ but he heard her coworkers call her ‘Dottie’ so many times he wondered why they hadn’t changed it.

“Good morning, Saul.” Dottie said.


Their exchange was so practiced, no words were required.  Saul handed Dottie the remittance slips from inside the envelope, and his passbook. She keyed in the payments and placed his passbook on the printer, while giving him the payment receipts to attach to his bills.  The same procedure went on each time he came into the bank.  Saul would leave the bank with his receipts and updated passbook, and head home.

However, today Saul was greeted by a young man whom he never saw before.  He appeared from behind the customer service desk, as if by magic.  Introducing himself as Arnold, he invited Saul to come into his office.  Reluctant at first, Saul asked what it was about.  “I’d like to talk to you about your account.” Arnold explained.

“What about it?”

“Please, come with me.” Arnold said pleasantly.

Saul followed him, suddenly worried that there might be a problem with his account.  Dottie had failed to mention if there was anything amiss.  Maybe she signaled Arnold to come out and discuss the problem?  Saul thought to himself.  In the twenty years that he’d been coming to this bank, this was the first time there had ever been an issue.

Arnold closed the door. “Please have a seat.”

Saul obliged, pulling his suit pants up at the thighs. “Is there a problem?” He asked curiously.

Arnold examined Saul’s full head of white hair and his stark blue eyes.  His suit fit perfectly, aside from the small ponch he had in front, where the suspenders offered support.

“Not a problem at all, sir.” Arnold answered respectfully.  “I wanted to discuss your account.”

Saul listened to the man for about fifteen seconds.  He walked out of the bank vowing to never return again.  Looking at his passbook, he checked to make sure they hadn’t pulled a fast one on him, since he’d always been paranoid that one day it would happen.

To his relief, all was good.  His balance was still just over two million dollars.

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