Book One


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On the surface, Kendra is seen as the apartment’s gossip, but underneath she’s a woman who has felt pain in a way that most haven’t.

Hiding behind a pair of non-prescription lenses is a girl who loves, laughs, cries, and enjoys life…all from behind her living room curtains….

Aptly named ‘Calamity Place’, there is never a dull moment at the apartment in Toronto’s downtown core. If it isn’t Lynda throwing her husband Ray’s clothes out the window, or Missy bringing home another date for their landlord, Mrs. Cummings, to judge, it’s Kendra spying on Ian Wilkinson, the heartthrob that doesn’t know Kendra exists.

On the surface, Kendra is seen as the apartment’s gossip, but underneath she’s a woman who has felt pain in a way that most haven’t. Hiding behind a pair of non-prescription lenses is a girl who loves, laughs, cries, and enjoys life….all from behind her living room curtains. Cassandra, her best friend, vows to help Kendra live vicariously through her own harried and socialite lifestyle, but at the end of the day, Kendra shrinks back to the wallflower she is, pushing her loved ones away.

But what Kendra doesn’t know is that Ian Wilkinson also has a secret. Will they both be able to share their pain and accept their personal flaws? Kendra is about to learn that she is not the only person at Calamity Place who is misunderstood…

Filled with laughs, family issues, drama, and wholesome love, Misunderstood-A Calamity Place Romance (Book one of the Calamity Place Series) is a book for all to enjoy. This is a light-hearted novel about personal challenges and finding love.

**Fair Warning: This book has a cliffhanger ending**

Coarse Language: no
Sexual Content: no
Violence: no
Reference to drugs: no

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Sample Chapter

Chapter 1 


There was a mental picture locked inside his memory of what she looked like.  And he had to admit, she was beautiful.  Her stunning long blonde hair and smart-looking blue eyes stood out against the black outfit she was wearing when he first saw her.  Tonight, however, she was wearing a stunning red shirt that accentuated her modest cleavage.  Michelle was her name, and she just happened to be at the front desk when he picked his mother up from work the previous week.

Ian’s mom said it was fate that Michelle and he met.  She’d wanted to set them up for weeks but didn’t want to intrude…so she said.  It wasn’t until Michelle asked about Ian that his mom’s opportunity arose.  This would be the fifth date for him in as many months, and frankly, he had to talk himself into it.  His mom, sister and cousins were always trying to set him up with some girl they know.

Some girl.  Yeah, she’s probably going to be the same as the rest.  Dating was pretty typical for Ian.  They drooled over him at first glance, but once they saw what was inside; that he was not as perfect as he appeared, he became as unwelcome as a bad taste in their mouth.  He had yet to meet a girl who hadn’t run away from him.  Ian told his family that they just weren’t right; that there wasn’t any chemistry, but only he knew the truth.  And he would never tell them.

Michelle rose when she saw Ian and offered him a limp handshake.  Her lack of eye contact was proof of her nerves.  Evidently tall, dark and handsome were what most women still dreamed about.  They ordered drinks and immediately Michelle’s hands were all over him.  Great…another one.  By the time the meal was over Michelle was talking about what they should do for their next date; boldly suggesting a trip to the honeymoon capital about one hundred and thirty kilometres away, in Niagara Falls.

When Ian returned from the men’s room he noticed that she had unbuttoned her shirt a little, but it had no effect on him.  She also touched up her lip gloss, and then when he sat down, she gave him those haughty bedroom eyes he recognized from hopeful women in the past.  They ordered dessert, despite her saying that they didn’t need it; that perhaps they could go back to her place, but Ian wasn’t having any of that.  Because he knew what would happen next.

Eating dessert, she licked the spoon dramatically, irritating Ian further.  They began conversing about the weather and how unusually warm it had been for winter in Toronto, and she seemed to cool off a little.  Perhaps I’m boring her, but I don’t know…and I don’t really care.

“So, what do you do for a living?”

Ian chose the simplest answer.  “I work at the Eaton Centre.”

Michelle’s face brightened.  “Oh yeah?  Do you get good discounts for clothes and stuff?”

“Not exactly.  I’m part of building management.  I don’t work in retail.”


Michelle fidgeted with her straw, so Ian decided to throw her a bone.  “How long have you worked at Bradford Technologies?”

“With your mom, you mean?  Oh, just about four or five months.  I’m only on reception for now, but I hope they’ll bump me up to marketing.  I just got my diploma in Marketing Management.”

Ian smiled.  “Congratulations.”

“Thanks.  Plus, Receptionists don’t get paid much.” Michelle changed tack.  “Your mom is great, by the way.  So sweet, and she’s always bringing in goodies and stuff.  I have to tell her I’m full most of the time…gotta keep my figure, you know.” She giggled.

Ian agreed.  Maybe there was a glimmer of hope after all.  “That’s mom.”

“So, how do you keep yourself in such great shape?” she asked, widdling her way over to his arm, and then she stroked it, like he was a Labrador Retriever.

“I go to the gym.  And I have free weights at home.”

Her hand remained on his arm.  He considered moving it, but decided to make it less conspicuous.  “Do you live with your mom?” She asked.

“No.  I moved out a couple of years ago.”

“I bet you have a great place.”

To hide all the women who swoon over me, right?  Is what Ian wanted to say, but he bit his tongue and pretended to scratch his leg, effectively removing his arm from her grasp.  And she took that as a queue to stroke his leg with the toe of her shoe.  Avoiding eye contact, Ian pressed his hand into her foot and watched her eyes dart to his in surprise.  But it wasn’t a lustful glance, as one would expect.  Her head lowered and her eyes focused to her left, as if she was going to explore further.

And there it was.  Her eyes widened and she stiffened up as if someone had just slid ice cubes down her top.  Her foot returned to its rightful spot on the floor and she went silent.  Had I known that was all it would take, I would have done that sooner.  The waitress brought the cheque and Ian placed a credit card on the collection plate.  Michelle picked up her jacket and purse, stammering something about needing to use the washroom.

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

And she didn’t return.

Misunderstood is available at:

Amazon | Smashwords | Nook | Kobo