Book Two


Cassandra has never known romantic love. Her son, her parents, and her friends love her…but no man ever has. Until she’s torn between two.  A gripping sequel you don’t want to miss!


Luke and Cassandra conceive Christopher after they meet at a bar. Months later, Luke is given a rare opportunity: to join a prestigious police force; a dream he has had since he was a young boy. However, this means leaving his son to move to a different province.

Desmond comes from money, has an attitude, and a mysterious edge; traits that Cassandra finds appealing. Kendra, Cassandra’s best friend, can’t stand Desmond, and her approval means a lot to Cassandra. But is Kendra’s support as valuable to Cassandra as falling in love?

After four years in Western Canada, Luke drops a bomb on Cassandra: he’s moving back to Toronto. At this point, their relationship is friendly at best. But one night can make the tables turn.

Tragedy hits, and Cassandra realizes that what she once thought was a painful decision, really wasn’t a decision at all….the answer was with her, in her heart, the whole time.

A warm-hearted, wholesome romantic story about love, personal choices, and the desire to do the right thing, even if at the time it doesn’t seem right at all.

Course language: no
Sexual activity: no
References to drugs: once, very mild, as a joke
Violence: mild

**Fair warning: this book has a cliffhanger ending**

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Sample Chapter

Chapter 1

Tossing the last pair of socks into the suitcase on the bed in front of him, something caught Luke’s attention on the bureau to his right.  It was a picture of Cassandra and him, taken at a photo booth.  He’d only known her a few months but she seemed completely smitten with him.  Luke had so many aspirations, and Cassandra did too, only Cassandra’s were much different than his.  Or at least, that was the impression she gave him.  She had plans to become a lawyer, but instead of pushing herself to study, the young girl jumped at the chance to socialize and be seen.  Luke, on the other hand was quiet, and very focused on his career as a police officer.

Part of him often wondered if her focus had been more in line with his, that things would have been different between them.  It didn’t matter anymore.  Christopher had been born and both Cassandra and Luke had parted ways.  The chance to come back to Toronto and make things right with his son was all Luke could think about; whether or not Cassandra had changed was still a mystery.

As he carefully placed the photograph in a side pocket of his suitcase, Luke heard his friend Mark calling from downstairs.

“Yo, Luke!  The plane leaves in a couple of hours, man…let’s go!”

“Yeah,” Luke hesitated, patting his back pocket, ensuring his wallet was there. “You give the keys back to Margaret yet?” He shouted back as he heard Mark’s footsteps come up the stairs.

“I left them in her mailbox,” Mark explained, “The old lady must have headed off to church early this morning.”

Mark and Luke had rented a house together in Brandon, Manitoba, while taking positions at the local division.  Both men had been accepted at Toronto Headquarters a few months ago, and had resigned their posts.  They had been partners since the Police Academy and had become best friends.

“You want me to take this down?” Mark offered, gesturing to Luke’s suitcase.

“Na,” Luke answered, pushing the photo further down in the pocket; the corner was poking up through the material.

Mark lifted a brow, “What’s that?” and without waiting for an answer, he helped himself to the contents of the pocket, and slid the picture out.  Studying it, he gave his friend a slight smirk.  “So, what’s the story here?” he paused, turning the snapshot around to face Luke, “What exactly are you going back to T.O. for?  Is it for the job, or is it really for the lass?”

Rolling his eyes, Luke snatched the picture out of his Aussie friend’s hand and shoved it unceremoniously into his back pocket.  “Believe me, if it was about her, I would have never come to Brandon to begin with.”

Knowing his friend hadn’t dated even once since moving to Manitoba, Mark gave Luke an unconvincing nod.  “Sure, and cows fly.”

“I’m serious, man.” Luke insisted.  “She and I want different things.”

“People change,” Mark argued.

“Not this girl,”

“Yeah?  And why not?”

“Because….” Luke searched for the right words to describe Cassandra, but he couldn’t.  “Because she just doesn’t, that’s all.” Luke said, and quickly zipped up his suitcase.  He carried it out the door and down the stairs while Mark stood in the same spot and shook his head.  “A cow can learn to fly.”

Kendra stood in the doorway, watching Ian’s expression.  It was a combination of apprehension and longing.  She wanted to go with her gut and lunge at him, kissing him all over, but she didn’t know if it was better to wait for him to make the first move.

“Did you want to come in?” Ian offered, turning slightly, allowing her entry should she choose that route.

“I…I just wanted to thank you for the flowers.” Kendra answered, feeling a lump form in her throat, though she couldn’t figure out why.

Gallantly dipping his head downward, Ian said, “You’re welcome.  But you didn’t have to come all the way up here to say that.  All the same, I’m glad that you did.”

He offered her a kind, warm smile, but remained patient, and said no more.  Avoiding eye contact, Kendra stared at the floor.  “Um, I just wanted to say it in person.” A million things were going through her head.  She wanted to tell Ian that she saw Lucinda at the bar tonight, and that she knew the girl wasn’t pregnant, but something inside her wouldn’t let her go that far.  She knew she had to do something as a kind gesture, because if she went back to her apartment with nothing, Cassandra and Missy would never let her live it down.

Taking a step closer to him, Kendra leaned in and kissed him slowly on the cheek.  He kept his head down, unsure of what she was doing.  When she went to step back, he gently grabbed her head with his hands and pulled her close.  His lips met hers and he took a chance, but kissed her deeply.  Letting go of her head, Ian’s hands swept through her hair and slowly made their way down to her waist.

She welcomed his kiss, and her hands found their way to his hair, mussing it up as they made out in the hallway.  When their lips parted, Ian’s arms remained around her waist.  “I missed you.”

“I missed you, too.” Kendra whispered.  He kissed her forehead softly.

“Do you want to come in?”

Considering this, Kendra hesitated.  She knew that she wanted Ian, and she also knew that he wanted her, too.  It was exciting, but also frightening.  The young woman had to battle with herself, but ultimately, the shy, reluctant Kendra won.  “I’d love to, but Cassandra and Missy are waiting in my apartment.”

A tiny cry, like that of a puppy, came from Ian’s throat. “Are you sure?”

Giggling, Kendra ran her hand down his cheek. “You’re so cute.  It’s hard to resist.”

“Then don’t resist,” Ian said.  His voice was husky with need.  He kissed her again, softly on the lips.

It took every ounce of strength, but Kendra backed away.  “I really wish I could.” And that was the truth, but it wasn’t because of her friends, who would wait patiently for her, her reluctance was all about herself.  Now that she knew Ian was telling the truth about Lucinda, it was all that much more difficult to say no to him.  She was running out of excuses.  “I should go.”

“Can I see you tomorrow?”

“Sure.  I’ll be home.”

“Do you want to have dinner?  Maybe try East Side Mario’s again?”

“Sounds good.”

Ian had been holding Kendra’s hand as he propositioned her for another date, and when she smiled assent, he released her, finger by finger, until her entire hand wasn’t touching his anymore.  He winked and her heart melted.

“See you tomorrow.  Tell Cassandra and Missy I said hi.”

“I will.”

As she boarded the elevator, she watched the door close and absently banged her head against the glossy, hard wall.  It was just enough to make her head ache, but not nearly as much as her heart did.

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