Book Three


What would you do if the love of your life suddenly didn’t want the same things as you? What if you had an unfulfilled dream and only your partner could make it come true?

Ray is the love of Linda’s life. They have an enviable marriage. Until one day Ray announces that he’s taking a contract job with his uncle….out of the country. While Linda is disappointed, what adds fuel to her upset is that they are right in the middle of trying to start a family. Her surprise pregnancy throws Ray off, and to her chagrin, Ray refuses to come home despite their dream finally coming true.

Her friends make Linda’s pregnancy easy, but she still pines for Ray, until one of them steps in. Does this intervention make things more agreeable or more complicated?

When Ray finally shows up in her third trimester, the tension could be cut with a knife. Will Linda take him back, or will she kick him to the curb?

Mark is a good-looking, Australian cop. Toronto ladies fawn over him, and he doesn’t turn any of them away. What could this foreign hearth throb want with a married woman? Plenty…

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Sample Chapter

Chapter 1

She raced to the door, fumbling with her keys.  As Kendra entered her apartment, she quickly closed the door behind her, and stood with her back pressed against the cold metal, feeling her breath catch.  Tears flowed down her cheeks uncontrollably while soft whimpers came from her throat.  How could she be so stupid?  How could she ruin the best thing that had ever happened to her?  Wiping her face, Kendra felt herself calm, and willed her body to relax as she took a step away from the door.

Buying herself time, Kendra decided to send Ian a text message, saying that she got called in to work.  Ms. Briggs often called on Kendra if an important case was forthcoming, so Ian wouldn’t suspect anything was wrong.  She felt bad lying, but she knew she couldn’t face him.  Not after what she found in his sock drawer mere moments ago.  After a minute, Ian responded, saying that he’d be waiting for her; that he would keep her breakfast warm.

Feeling relieved that she’d dodged a bullet, the to-be lawyer drew in a deep breath, and headed to the washroom for a tissue.  Her friend Cassandra came to mind, and Kendra pulled her phone from her back pocket and dialed Cassandra’s number.

“Kendra, hey, I was just going to call you.” Cassandra sounded cheery, “How did the big celebratory night go?” Ian had just been granted a promotion; something he had been waiting on for a long time.

“It went well.” Kendra said, feigning an equally cheery tone.  Cassandra was no dummy; they had known each other way too long for Kendra to pull off faking anything with her best friend.

“What’s going on?  It’s odd for you to call me so early on a Saturday morning.  I thought you and Ian would still be celebrating.” She giggled.

Ignoring her friend’s question, Kendra responded too quickly. “What did you want to call me for?”

“Oh, I ran into Missy last night on our way home.  You’ll never guess who she was with.”

Kendra’s interest was slightly piqued. “Who?”

“Tom.  That teacher she was dating.”

“Hmm.”  Cassandra picked up on the nonchalance; Kendra was usually the most gung-ho for any type of gossip.

“Okay, I’ll bite.  What’s going on?”

Kendra hesitated, picking at an imaginary piece of lint on her shirt, as she peered in the mirror “Are you busy?”

“If I were busy would I be calling you?”

“Can you come over?”

Cassandra guffawed.  “What’s with the drama?  Why can’t you tell me what horrible thing has happened to you over the phone?” she teased.

“I’m serious.  Come over.”

Letting out a big sigh, Cassandra relented.  “Fine.  But this better be good.”

The phone went dead as Kendra took the tissue she had been holding, and tossed it into the garbage bin beside the toilet.  There, staring back at her, were two empty boxes.  Biting her lip, Kendra grabbed the plastic grocery bag lining the pail, and angrily pulled it out with a heavy grunt.  Storming to the trash disposal room, she tied a large knot in the top of the bag and pointedly smashed it against the wall before forcefully throwing it down the chute.

“It’s good, Cassandra.  Real good.” Kendra growled, somewhat breathlessly; her voice dripped with sarcasm and frustration.

“Okay, I’m here.” Cassandra called as she opened the door with her key.  “I’ve only got a half an hour though, Luke wants to take Christopher and I shopping.”

Kendra had showered quickly, and was getting dressed in her bedroom.  “Shopping for what?” she asked, raising her voice so her friend could hear her.

“You name it…we need it.” Her arms were across her chest and her expression said she was not enthused.  “All we ever do now is shop, shop, shop.  I tell you after this, I’m never moving again.”

Kendra emerged from her room.  Cassandra was waiting in the hallway by her bedroom.  “Stop complaining.  At least you get to live with Luke now.  You get to be a family; what you’ve always wanted.”

Rolling her eyes, Cassandra smirked. “Yeah, yeah.  I’m almost convinced it’s easier to stay with my parents.  My mom is having a hard time with all this anyway, and daddy won’t admit it, but he, too, can’t stand the fact that we’re moving out.”

“You’re only moving up the street practically.  You could walk there.”

“Well evidently that isn’t close enough.”  Cassandra changed tack.  “Enough about me; what’s the big emergency?” she asked, shifting her weight onto both feet.  “Is this a sit-down thing?  A glass of wine thing?  A bottle of wine?”  Cassandra giggled, irritating Kendra.  Lately her friend was taking nothing seriously.  It was like falling in love with Luke had erased all tension from her life. She was in a state of constant euphoria. It drove Kendra nuts; especially now.  “Am I getting closer?” Cassandra guessed, taunting Kendra.

“You think this is funny?” Kendra blurted, feeling hot tears prick the backs of her eyes.  “This isn’t a laughing matter, Cassandra.” She cried, stomping over to the couch.  Bouncing on to the cushions unceremoniously, Kendra placed her hands over her face and wept.

“Oh, come on, Kendra.  It can’t be that bad.  I know you too well.” Cassandra said as she joined her on the couch.  Kendra’s innocence sometimes created a rift between them; Cassandra being the more experienced with relationships and sex.  Just weeks ago, Kendra had asked Cassandra a question about sex that she deemed very serious, only to be inadvertently laughed at.  “Did he want to make love with his socks on or something?  Did you fart in bed?  It can’t be that bad or else you would have hidden in your room and you wouldn’t have called me right away.”

Lifting her head from her hands, Kendra sniffled.  “Ian’s going to propose.”

Cassandra’s face lit up.  “Are you serious?  Well that’s wonderful!” she blurted, leaning over to hug her.  “I’ll admit I’m a tad jealous.  I mean, Luke and I have a long history together; I thought we would be engaged first.  But this is great, Kendra!”

Kendra’s face hadn’t wavered.  She was still clearly upset.  Staring down at her hands she couldn’t look at Cassandra.  “Well, aren’t you happy?  Don’t you want to marry Ian?”  Cassandra pried.  “I know it’s sudden, but heck, this isn’t the dark ages.  How do you know he’s going to propose?”

“I found a ring in his sock drawer.”

A ‘v’ formed between Cassandra’s eyebrows.  “Well, did you actually see it?  Is it an engagement ring?  Or is it like that time when I wrapped your Coach purse in the box my parent’s refrigerator came in?”

“No, it’s an engagement ring.” Kendra explained, wiping her nose on her hand. “I saw it in an antique store that Ian and I were at about a month ago.  It was just like the one my grandmother had.  Diamonds and sapphires.”

“So?  Aren’t you happy?  I’d be pretty ecstatic if Luke proposed to me.”

Kendra’s face slipped a notch as she looked into Cassandra’s eyes.  “Even if you were pregnant?”

Eyes widening, Cassandra was speechless for a moment, then she gasped.  “Are you?  Oh my God, Kendra….are you pregnant?”

Her chin began to quiver as she nodded.  “Yeah,”

“Are you sure?”

Still nodding, “I took the test twice.”

Looking at the ceiling, Cassandra drew in a deep breath, uttering an expletive.  “Good God, Kendra.  How did this….didn’t you…dear Lord.” She let out the breath.  “And you think this will spoil everything…oh, jeez.”

“We’ve only been together for three months…” she squeaked.  “We haven’t even talked about marriage, or even moving in together.” Kendra sobbed.  “He’ll think I did it on purpose.”

Placing her hand on Kendra’s lap, Cassandra interrupted.  “Wait a minute, aren’t you guys always talking about getting married?  Isn’t Ian the guy who didn’t shrink under the table when his entire family told him he’s next after his cousin announced her engagement?”

“Well…yeah, I guess.”

“And haven’t you two been careful?  Using birth control and everything?”

Kendra nodded.  “Every time, yes.”

“Then why would you think Ian would suspect that you set him up?  And why would you think that Ian wouldn’t want to marry you even if you were pregnant?  Doesn’t he have like a huge family with major expectations?  Don’t they want him to have like a million children?”

“Maybe.” Kendra nodded but remained sobbing.  “But look at what happened with you and Luke.  You got pregnant with Christopher and then he abandoned you.”

Shaking her head, Cassandra inched closer to Kendra.  “Irrational…delusional…emotional…yep, you’re pregnant.”  She conceded, then took a breath.  “First of all, Luke didn’t abandon me.  Second, we weren’t even in a relationship when we conceived Christopher.  Third, and most important, look at us now.” She paused for effect.  “You and Ian are in love, right?”

Kendra’s face softened.  A small smile appeared.  “Yeah,”

Cassandra grinned and squeezed Kendra’s hand.  “Have you thought about how you’re going to tell him?”

“I have to tell him.” Kendra said, as if just realizing this.  “Oh God, Cassandra, I have to tell him.”

“Unless you want me to.” Cassandra joked.

Rolling her eyes, Kendra slapped her friend playfully.

“Your parents are going to be over the moon.” Cassandra interjected, emphasizing the word ‘moon’.

That got another eye roll.  “This kid is going to be spoiled rotten.”

“So spoiled.”

“Will you come to the doctor’s with me?”

“Shouldn’t your mom go?”

“I don’t know…did your mom go with you?” Kendra was frustrated.

“I don’t know…I took you a few times, and my mom…why don’t you take Ian?” Cassandra argued back.

Kendra looked like she just ate a lemon.  “Ian?  I didn’t know guys wanted to do stuff like that.”

Cassandra said casually, “Ray goes with Linda to the gynecologist all the time.” And then both their eyes widened as they said simultaneously.  “Oh crap…Linda.”

Complicated is available on:

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